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RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES:  Are of a particular denomination (e.g., Catholic, Jewish, Muslim etc.) or combination of denominations; characterized by formal or defining religious elements/rituals/traditions from one or more denominations.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONIES: A non-denominational is a ceremony that is not of a particular denomination.

INTERFAITH CEREMONIES: Are also known as a multi-faith or interdenominational. A combination or blend of religions faiths ranging from only some religion to being entirely religious.

SPIRITUAL CEREMONIES: "Spiritual" means different things to different people. Most often, in a ceremony context, it is either the religious, sacred or divine feeling or essence underneath a religious element, ritual or tradition. The Ceremony often uses beautiful, inspiring words but is universal and stays away from any particular religion.

CIVIL/NON-RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES: No religion in the ceremony whatsoever, including no prayer (although a couple may have an invocation or poem that would be as meaningful to them as a prayer would be to a religious person. Kindly note that, a non-religious or civil ceremony can have absolutely as much meaningfulness, warmth and heart as any other type of ceremony. Non-religious or civil means no religion, but not "no love".

MULTI-CULTURAL CEREMONIES: Similar to interfaith except it involves combining or blending of a couple's cultures and heritage; may or may not have any religious elements--can be civil or non–religious, or very religious.


Types of Ceremonies

CIVIL UNION CEREMONIES:  I am also a wedding celebrant for gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies. These ceremonies contain vows, exchange of rings, and other unity rituals at the choice of the couple. As in all weddings, wedding celebrants work with gay or lesbian couples to have their ceremony declare their commitment to all who surround them on their special day.

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